5 Tips on hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day and why
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5 Tips on hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day and why

March 29 th

Here at No.6 Kildare Street we understand the importance of makeup on your wedding day. There are so many different aspects of getting ready for your special day and when things go wrong it can be quite stressful and feel like a disaster…….. These are just a few essentials that we think will help you get through the day.

  1. Recommendations :

When choosing a makeup artist one of the best things to do is look for recommendations online. You could also read reviews and talk to friends and family to get recommendations.

  1. Trial Run:

Having a trial run is very important. You’re able to go through different styles of makeup that you’re interested in and a style that will correspond with the theme of your wedding. The makeup artist will be able to tell you if your skin is dry and needs to be exfoliated, give tips to avoid flaky lips, and suggest if you need to make a visit to your dermatologist.

  1. Choose someone you click and get on with it:

Before the big day arrives you will want to meet them and make sure personalities are compatible, because they will be the one person all up in your face at the most vital part of your day.

  1. Money:

The cost of a makeup artist can sometimes turn people off spending the money but it is completely worth it. If you’ve already spent money on your venue, your photographer and your dress….. Why would you skimp out on yourself ? After all, you’ll look back on these photos for the rest of your life.

  1. Stress Free:

Hiring a makeup artist will not only make you look great on our wedding day it will also make you feel great. They will help create an environment where you feel pampered and totally relaxed before your ceremony begins.

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