How to be efficient when choosing a conference venue.
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How to be efficient when choosing a conference venue.

September 19 th


When booking your next event, try to be practical and organised in your approach so to ensure stress free event planning and management, below we suggest that you follow these steps so to ensure a successful event!


Keeping the costs down

First and foremost, do you have a particular budget in mind? If so, then choosing the right conference venue must be financially suitable for your event.  Consider your options in all venues: do you really need to book a larger room if you only have a certain amount of guests? Or could you consider hiring a meeting room that is smaller, thus costing less in room hire? Ensure to organise a site-visit to the venues to view each room before making your final decision.  This way, if you save money on room hire, you can spend more in other areas such as catering, decorations or entertainment for the event.



How accessible is the venue?  Are there train stations, bus services, taxi ranks nearby? Are the majority of your guests international, thus will they need easy access from the airport? Choosing an apt location for your conference venue is vital in attracting a bigger attendance for your event.  Choosing a conference venue that is easy to get to is your top priority; however, don’t forget to take into consideration the architecture and history behind the venue, as many historical venues may offer a unique tour around the building. This is enticing and welcoming for all guests, and truly personalizes your event in a warm fashion.


Treating your guests

When choosing a conference venue, take careful note of the catering that is provided. Food and beverage are incredibly important factors in pleasing your clients- after all, everyone is always happy with a full tummy! More luxuries such as food and token gifts will attract a bigger event audience, and will encourage clients to return to future events. Scope out the catering company’s previous works, and don’t hesitate to ring and contact the catering organisers for menu options, best prices, and even request to see some previous pictures of events that they have done.  If you are on a strict budget, most catering companies will be more than happy to provide bespoke quotes for you- hey, if you never ask, you’ll never know!


Organisation- Give plenty of time plus more

Last but not least, it may seem blazingly obvious, but absolutely ensure you seal the deal with the venue as soon as possible, when you have found the perfect place. It’s so much better to have something booked and planned months in advance as it means that you can make alterations to timings, organise tastings, plan entertainment etc. It builds a stronger correspondence with your event organisers within the venues, who always appreciate clients who are organised (trust me!) Having said all that, should you urgently require a conference venue, and are at your wits end trying to find somewhere to rent, just make sure to have all your details and preferences for the event ready to discuss with the venue organiser straight away. Even draft up a generic email with every bit of detail that you know and send it out to potential venues, whom will then be able to promptly respond with availability and pricing.


Gina Sophia Lumsden MA

Events Co-ordinator for Fitzers Catering Ltd at the Royal College of Physicians.


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