Happy One Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality
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Happy One Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality

May 23 rd

Happy One Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality! On the 23rd May 2015, Ireland became the first country in the world to introduce same-sex marriage by referendum, with a total of 1,201,607 people voting in favour of equality for all. Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of the referendum and the celebrations and merriment yesterday in Dublin was a reminder of how far Ireland has come in becoming more open and accepting of LGBT people. This was not just a political campaign about changing the legislation on marriage; this was a social issue, affecting the lives of people.  Those who campaigned for YES Equality worked tirelessly for months prior to the referendum, knocking on as many doors as they could to tell their personal stories to try change the perception LGBT in Ireland and help bring about a majority vote for equality.

Same-sex families felt equal and many people felt empowered to come out during the referendum.  The day the referendum passed, many LGBT couples felt they could walk down the street, hand in hand and not be treated differently to anyone else. The social change was visible over night. A total of 412 same-sex marriages have been registered since the passing of the referendum on this day last year.

Why not consider No. 6 Kildare Street, the home of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland as an ideal venue for your special wedding day? The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland is steeped in history and the building itself is intimate, romantic, elegant and located in the heart of Dublin City Centre. As you enter the building on Kildare Street, you will be greeted by a magnificent and grand staircase, high ceilings, adorned with elegant decoration and intricate stucco work and there are many interesting objects, portraits and statues of eminent Irish physicians who contributed to the advancement of medicine in Ireland.

The setting of the venue is warm and relaxing; with many rooms available for hosting weddings.  The Graves Hall is the biggest of all the rooms and can host up to 120 people. The Corrigan Hall is a beautiful hall at the back with a magnificent high wooden ceiling and stained glass window.   The library in the College is one of the most loved rooms in the building. It would make an ideal space for a civil ceremony. If you would like any further information, we would love to hear from you or come in to visit us at No.6 Kildare Street and we would be happy to give you a tour of the building.