30 Essential Questions to Ask When Booking a Wedding Venue
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30 Essential Questions to Ask When Booking a Wedding Venue

July 14 th



Planning your wedding is a wonderful time in your life for you and your partner to enjoy. Unfortunately this time can be very stressful if you do not plan properly for the big day.

Listed below is 30 essential questions to ask the wedding venue so to reduce the stress levels on the big day!

1.       Do you have my desired date available?
2.       How many people does the space hold?
3.       What is the maximum seated capacity?
4.       Is there a minimum amount of guests to be able to book the venue?
5.       Is the venue available for exclusive use?
6.       How much is it to rent out the venue for the day?
7.       What does the fee include? What does it not include?
8.       What available packages are there for y budget?
9.       If the ceremony and the wedding reception will be held in the same space, will the staff have enough time to rearrange the room?
10.   When would it be possible to start setting up the room?
11.   Are there any restrictions on the use of the space?
12.   Are there restrictions on photography or filming in the venue?
13.   How much is the deposit? When is the balance due?
14.   Do I need any permits or insurance?
15.   What is your cancellation policy?
16.   Is there complimentary food and wine tasting?
17.   What are the wine choices? Is there a corkage fee?
18.   What are the vegetarian options etc?
19.   Is the crockery/ cutlery/ linen part of the package price?
20.   Where is the dance floor space?
21.   Where can the band/DJ set up?
22.   How late will the bar be open?
23.   What time will the wedding have to finish at?
24.   What accommodation does the venue offer?
25.   Is the bridal suite included in the price?
26.   Is there a special rate for guests?
27.   Is there in house catering or can I provide my own?
28.   Are there any preferences for suppliers?
29.   Is there enough parking for guests and is there a charge for parking?
30.   Is the venue wheelchair accessible?